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  • Satori Staff 2023
  • Satori Yacht's Captain Ali

The Crew

“Captain Ali and his crew delivered a wonderful experience for all of us, we all enjoyed a very memorable vacation”

  • Satori Yacht's Captain Ali

The captain

Captain Ali Aker

Satori was built in collaboration with the boat's captain and Thottrup family friend Ali Aker, whose sailing experience spans more than 25 years on various types of boats throughout the Mediterranean, including 10 years at the captain's helm. A fluent English speaker, Captain Ali also shares his expertise as a free diver and night diver with guests, offering practical advice and assistance with the various water sports available onboard.

Crew members

Anticipating and responding to ever-changing needs and situations, our crew is warm and professional in everything they do. Each member brings considerable experience in the field of high-end dining and hospitality onboard luxury yachts and has received further extensive training at Borgo Santo Pietro.

Our onboard chefs are highly qualified and work in collaboration with the head chefs at our Tuscany-based restaurants. They are confident and capable of producing everything from gourmet dinners to fresh lunch banquets and are experienced, high-end chefs.

Our engineers on board are well acquainted with the Satori yacht’s structure and functions and are highly capable and responsible in dealing with all elements of our engine room and electronics.

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