From the rarified air of the Côte d'Azur to the lavender fields, olive groves and picturesque villages of Provençe, south-eastern France offers a treasure trove of sensory experiences. Here opportunities for cultural exploration unravel as far as one's curiosity allows, whether adhering to the sparkling coastline or venturing inland for a day trip to discover fresh local farmers' markets, tour a vineyard or participate in a game of pétanque.

The sun-drenched elegance of the French Riviera is an inviting opportunity to drop anchor and enjoy the exclusive dining and shopping along the boulevards, or simply soak up the champagne atmosphere of the yacht-filled harbours and stunning beaches. Shady cafés and art galleries line the cobblestone streets of the Riveria's historic towns, where Impressionist artists flocked in the late nineteenth century to capture the region's luminous quality of light.

A mere half-hour's drive from Cannes leads to the world's fragrance capital at Grasse, birthplace of Chanel No. 5, while further exploration along the cliff-top roads unveils historic hilltop towns and postcard-perfect views over the glittering coast.