Spa & Wellness

“Sailing is like a constant meditation: it's like the colours and your senses have been turned up.”

– Co-owner and co-designer Jeanette Thottrup

Wellness lies at the core of Satori's philosophy. From its carefully designed spaces that merge the best of nature and luxury, fostering good company and the sharing of solitude, to dining on the catch of the day, prepared with passion and fresh ingredients, a feeling of wellbeing permeates the guest experience on board.

Satori features a private wellness cabin fitted with a steam room that can be converted into an extra guest room. Before sailing, guests can choose how they would like to use the space and arrange to have a personal therapist on board. A sanctuary for the senses, Satori's spa facilities enable guests to indulge in a revitalising treatment or soothing massage, topped off with a relaxing and healthy steam therapy at the end of a long salt- and sun-filled day.

Personal therapist services aboard Satori are available upon request at an extra cost, and must be organised before setting sail.